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Fulltime, permanent

See you @ Operations Excellence Team

Hi! We are looking for an Engineering Leader to join our Appunite team!

We’re building an Operation Excellence team: a team that’s goal will be to address general challenges and growth of Appunite’s business. We want to improve our current environment ( that is, our tools, competences and space) so that our teams can focus on growing the products they work on.

With this Engineering Leader role, we're looking for an exceptional individual who will develop skills to effectively select and implement technology solutions.

Read more about our mission here.

Who are we looking for?

  • Experienced Generalist: Experience in an engineering role on many levels (from IC, through TL to company oversight). Preferably high specialization in one of our leading technologies.

  • Guild Builder: The ability to “align” people around issues. Ideally, you would be able to share an example of such an activity.

  • Economical awareness: Knowledge of financial and business intricacies within organizations (understanding business and the financials behind organizational processes).

  • Team player: Understanding what it means to be a part of a team (not just an individual within a team). At the same time, also having knowledge of how to work with external teams. More insights here.

  • Tamed ego: Understanding the importance of not personalizing negatives, forcing your beliefs onto others & maintaining a clear vision along the way.

You are the ideal fit for our team if you would like to take ownership for:

  • Leveling up the quality of delivery
  • Supporting the technical growth of teams and individuals
  • Supporting Payroll management across the company
  • Increasing team awareness about team composition (seniority/roles) and acting on it
  • Supporting evaluations from the technical side

Our recruitment process is 3 steps long

  1. Culture&mission fit meeting with Milena from People Team (abt 60 minutes)
  2. Competence fit meeting with Marcin from Engineering Team and Piotr from Head Team (abt 60 minutes).
  3. Leadership fit meeting with Szymon and Andrzej from Operations Excellence Team (abt 60 minutes)
  4. And finally, the decision, after which we can say “welcome on board.”

Perks & benefits

  • Paid vacation and sick days also for B2B contracts

    Paid vacation and sick days also for B2B contracts

  • Education & Training Budget

    Education & Training Budget

  • Remote first approach with flexible working hours

    Remote first approach with flexible working hours

Got questions? Feel free to contact us!

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