Sales Leader

Poznań, Poland or Remote



Employment Type

Fulltime, permanent

Offer Salary

14.500 - 18.500 PLN net/month B2B

See you @ Sales Team

Hi! Providing sales services to our clients is our daily routine, and we would like to invite you into this world. We believe that your contribution will help us transform our sales team into business consultants.

But why do we need this change? The mission is to transform our marketing and sales to be built around delivering A-grade results rather than simply the hours we spend on our clients.

The Growth Team consists of 8 people:

  • Piotr - Head of Service Delivery

  • Amelia - Sales Team Leader (Amelia is planning a short break, after which you will work together as a team!)

  • Klaudia and Nikola - Business Development Specialist

  • Błażej - Digital Marketing Lead

  • Bartek - Content Marketing Specialist

  • Liza - Performance Marketing Specialist

  • Aleksandra - Design Specialist

What kind of team are we inviting you to join? One where people have lots of drive and energy & love what they do. Join us and let's work together to give our customers just what they need!

What approach do we need from you?

  • Strategic thinking: Being able to communicate the intentions behind sales activities to the stakeholders effectively. Knowing how to measure success, draw conclusions and iterate based on them.

  • Inspiring Leadership: As part of this role assumes sales team leadership, you will lead the change within your domain and inspire others to participate in these changes.

  • Engagement and Insight Gathering: Ability to predict and validate assumptions on a longer timescale within various areas. Understanding of buyer behaviors and study trends. Ability to draw meaningful insights from data.

  • Value Communication: We want you to help us improve the way we communicate the value we deliver with means that fit our client's needs

  • Ownership for the sales process: Oversee the customer journey at the Sales stage:
    • Researching, prospecting and qualifying outbound and inbound leads

    • Contacting potential customers to develop relationships and sales

    • Fostering relationships with past leads and clients

    • Building and managing a database of leads

You are the ideal fit for our team if your experience includes:

  • knowledge of the digital product creation process, with a preference for startup experience:
    • fundamental product knowledge

    • thorough understanding of our industry

    • being up to date with current industry trends and aware of its challenges

  • generating new business opportunities through manual and automated outreach campaigns in close collaboration with the Marketing team

  • organising meetings with potential clients, excellent communication skills and an ability to delve deeply into conversations to understand client issues

  • preparing proposals and negotiating contracts

  • experience in smooth & efficiently finalizing contracts

  • understanding that there are not processes for everything, so being creative and flexible in building offers for our cilents is welcome

  • experience in leading a team (planning, decision-making, delegation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, motivation)

  • excellent written and spoken English & Polish (C1 or higher)

  • experience with Pipedrive, Hubspot or other CRM

  • experience with Lemlist, Apollo or other lead-generation & data enrichment tools

Our recruitment process is 3 steps long

  1. Culture&mission fit meeting with Kinga from People Team (abt 45 minutes)

  2. Competence fit meeting with Amelia from Sales Team (abt 60 minutes).

  3. Leadership fit meeting with Piotr from Heads Team (abt 60 minutes)

  4. And finally, the decision, after which we can say “welcome on board.”

Perks & benefits

  • Paid vacation and sick days also for B2B contracts

    Paid vacation and sick days also for B2B contracts

  • Education & Training Budget

    Education & Training Budget

  • Remote first approach with flexible working hours

    Remote first approach with flexible working hours

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