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We don’t stop until the problem is solved.

Empowered Teams simply solve problems.

Don't have to be told what to do, they learn it from your business. Purely driven by the goal to make your business better.

What is the efficient way to build a product

Building digital products requires both good technology and product skills. While most software agencies focus solely on delivering software, we take a different approach. We pay special attention to product skills and require our empowered teams to understand why we are building something, what effect we want to achieve on the business level, and to use their own expertise to find the most optimal way to do so. We measure our success via product metrics, which forces us to think about the outcomes.

Execution team

  • Tasks
  • Features
  • Product metrics
  • Business goals

Empowered team

  • Tasks
  • Features
  • Product metrics
  • Business goals
  • Tasks
  • Features
  • Product metrics
  • Business goals


  • Tasks
  • Features
  • Product metrics
  • Business goals
  • Impact


Success measured by achieving business goals, not meeting deadlines.

What do you gain?

  • De-risk product decisions

    Trust the feeling, but confirm with data. It starts with asking why and finding proof in data.

    42% of startups fail cause no market need

  • Move fast

    Get answers within days, not months. We use all the tools to validate ideas quickly.

    38% startups fail cause they run out of cash

  • Sharpen your backlog

    Code is expensive, which is why we have to avoid creating it until we are sure it is needed. Avoid implementing things that nobody wants.

    14% startups fail because of poor product


What do we offer?


  • Frontend/backend/native or crossplatform mobile
  • On time delivery
  • Cross-functional competences
  • High quality standards
  • Quick adoption to your organization
  • Transparent communication
  • Continuous delivery
  • Deep tech expertise
  • Experienced in working in scale
  • Quality assurance
  • Problem-solving mindset


  • Knows how to acquire business context
  • Translates business context into product metrics
  • Cooperates within your organization to align efforts
  • Measures impact on the product of things we build
  • Makes data-driven decisions
  • Moves fast by validating ideas
  • Has the ability to solve problems in the optimal way
  • Follows user-centric-practices
  • Is led by an experienced team leader
  • Treats technology as a tool
  • Drives product

What Empowered Team means?

"Empowered team" is not a new term; the concept was described by Marty Cagan. During our extensive experience in development and collaboration with dozens of technical teams, we have identified many inefficiencies that originate from technical teams. We pay special attention to the various aspects that make a team effective, as well as those that eliminate a gap between business and technology. "Empowered team is built around problem, so they consider their work done when they solve the problem, not when they ship working code"

Our Teams are assigned problems to solve, but they're also given the ability to decide the best ways to solve those problems. (...) They are empowered to solve hard problems in ways their customers love, yet work for their business.

~ Karol Wojtaszek, CEO Appunite

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How much it costs?

30$Kper month


  • Team of 3 developers and 1 quality assurance
  • 2 weeks lead time (time to build a team)
  • Billed monthly for the team

40$Kper month


  • Team of 3 developers and 1 quality assurance
  • Dedicated product owner/product manager
  • 3 weeks lead time (time to build a team)
  • Billed monthly for the team

Checkout our:

“Their autonomy and ability to work in a product-led, agile environment. Our experience is that most of the software houses prefer to work on a project basis, where they get well-defined requirements and focus mostly on the implementation. This doesn't work for us as our process is very experimental and we want developers not only to produce features but to be engaged from the very beginning, including the product discovery part.”

Case Studies

  • Boosting secondary revenue stream. Our clients often reflect on the countless missed opportunities that could have been seized, just like Fishbrain, which experienced too many limitations with its e-commerce. In some areas, things were already defined. We had to balance discovering the context, finding new solutions and not redoing what Fishbrain’s team had already done. We immediately discovered that we work in a similar manner, probably because we share similar values in our organizations. The result was a successful launch of the new shop with 13 mln users onboard and unlocking new growth opportunities.

  • Only 3 months from idea conception to onboarding the first client, all while coordinating with financial institutions. Finley approached with the desire to build a FinTech startup that solves problems surrounding complex payments in businesses. They had a go-to-market strategy; the problem was defined, leaving them with the need for a partner who could take responsibility from the technical side—the perfect mission for our team. We were there for Finley, standing in front of the technical departments of financial institutions. We didn't just understand the overall vision; we deeply grasped business goals. By acting as an integral part of Finley team, we took ownership of the process, giving our partner the freedom to focus on shaping company's future.

  • Also, we prefer people with high self-management skills, who we can just give a high-level problem to solve and trust they can break this problem down and manage the whole project lifecycle on their own. This is another thing which, according to our experience, is not very common in software houses. Appunite devs really excelled in this regard. (Which is even more impressive considering that some of them were mid-level, not senior).


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What makes tech team effective?

One of the most significant inefficiencies in creating a digital business is creating a ton of code that does not solve any problem. It becomes a cost instead of generating value. Disconnection between what business wants to achieve and what tech teams are building causes wasted money. An effective business needs a team that doesn't just build software for the sake of building it. Technology has to be a tool for solving real problems. Otherwise, it can seriously hold back business development.

Blog posts

To increase the chances of success, founders need a partner who is fully aligned with the organization's goals, can discov...

To increase the chances of success, founders need a partner who is fully aligned with the organization's goals, can discover the domain and works around the problems using their technical expertise. Building tech teams, especially these days, is complex. It requires good leadership skills. Attracting good talent and keeping them engaged in product development is quite challenging. Not to mention creating a technical strategy, accumulating domain knowledge, and building high-performing teams. Our mission is to help founders bring their ideas to life without the hassle of taking care of the technical team and the technology itself. We take complete ownership of both aspects. We cooperate as closely as your internal team would. We act as your CTO. Let us be part of your business, and we will boost it.