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We are here to revolutionize software design, development, delivery and build products that challenge the status quo.

Flutter as a key to a successful story

About us

Building challenging applications for our partners lets us go outside our comfort zone and rethink our approach and processes for software design, development and delivery.

Innovation was always our key objective from the moment we started in 2010. Thanks to this, through the years, we have helped our clients in building and upgrading their products.

Thanks to our long-lasting knowledge and experience sharing in product development areas, we built a culture that allows us to learn faster than single-product companies. As a result, we can build software products more efficiently.

AppUnite Team

About our team

We try to develop our hard and soft skills and help others to grow.

We are a group of open-minded, proactive and passionate about the product and software development experts. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build and grow their revolutionary businesses. Over the years we have established a product-oriented environment where we have a long-term impact on the shape of our client’s products and satisfaction with every step of their development.

Our values

We care about what we do, and how we do it is a reflection of our company values.

These are not rules set in stone but rather the principles that guide us and can be found in our day-to-day actions.

  • You have the power to make our company better

  • We have a pragmatic problem solving approach

  • We build trust by being sincere

  • We never stop learning

  • We are team players. We succeed and fail as a team

  • We listen and learn from our customers

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