3 Elixir SEO tools you should know

Marketing reality is intrinsically linked to modern technologies. Elixir programming language strongly contributes to the development of marketing tools and this definitely doesn’t happen for no reason. With its excellent concurrency and scalability, it enables founders and developers to pursue a number of efficient marketing-dedicated solutions that quickly become the industry’s game-changers.

Let’s take a look at a few powerful Elixir SEO tools that now support marketers around the globe.

Elixir programming language

Before we dig deeper into Elixir SEO tools, let’s shortly sum up what exactly makes Elixir so unique.

  • It’s a modern but already mature programming language that has existed on the market for over 10 years.
  • Elixir is constantly gaining popularity across a number of industries and IT technologies, including Blockchain, cloud computing, microservices and more.
  • According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, Elixir is the 4th most loved language in 2021.
  • The technology is productive and ensures great scalability and concurrency.
  • Elixir is provided with a number of frameworks and libraries that strongly support software development process.
  • Elixir-powered apps are easy to maintain and develop.
  • The language has already gathered a strong and engaged community around the world, followed by regular industry events such as ElixirConf or ElixirConf EU.

Sounds promising? Well, If you wish to delve into this topic, feel free to check out the article: Why choose Elixir for product development?. It will provide you with many more insights on Elixir's benefits and functionalities.

Elixir - best SEO tools

Now, once we know the top benefits of the Elixir programming language, it’s finally time to catch a glimpse of the best 3 Elixir SEO tools. SEO, being a driving force of the success of many companies in 2022, is a crucial area of marketing campaigns that can be now supported by Elixir.


Nightwatch is one of the most powerful SEO tools proudly presenting Elixir in its tech stack. According to the official website, the solution tracks over 50.000 locations more than their competitors.

What does Nightwatch exactly do? As a cloud-based platform and one of the best SEO tools, it improves the performance of websites and the process of keyword planning. It also helps to quickly identify occurring problems and detect new opportunities in SEO strategy.

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The tool pulls data from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube. Moreover, it provides wide options for integrations with other marketing tools and plug-ins, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Google Search Console.

What are the key features of Nightwatch?

  • advanced keywords management: innovative filtering and segmenting
  • local keyword tracking in more than 107.000 locations worldwide
  • keyword rankings monitoring and distribution
  • keyword discovery
  • analyzing traffic and competitors
  • creating SEO reports
  • backlink monitoring and notifications.

As you can assume, such a comprehensive tool is required to process large amounts of data in seconds. This is why Elixir is in the right place to help. With its extraordinary concurrency and scalability, it’s a perfect technology to be used in the development of tool analyzing and aggregating a huge amount of keywords in real-time.

To provide you with a full overview, in the Nightwatch tech stack the Elixir programming language is combined with complimentary technologies such as Sass, Ruby on Rails, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Go, HTML5, and others.

Surfer SEO

The second powerful Elixir SEO tool in our overview is Surfer SEO - a startup launched in Poland back in 2017 that quickly gained popularity among copywriters, content marketers and other marketing or web development professionals. Now, the solution is used by around 10 thousand users around the globe, including a number of Fortune 500 companies. What exactly is Surfer SEO? It’s a cloud-based tool that provides its users with valuable content suggestions. Receiving feedback regarding formatting, keywords and structure helps marketers to improve their content and drive business results. To put it simply, Surfer SEO is a complete and comprehensive solution that supports the overall search engine content optimization. Here are a few key functionalities and services offered by the platform:

  • Content Editor - supports content creating process in terms of SEO optimization and attracting organic traffic
  • Keyword Research - helps to select keywords that boost traffic and to choose their proper density
  • SERP Analyzer - analyzes factors and patterns that are then used in content optimization
  • SEO Audit - delivers SEO-related tips and improves the overall content creation strategy.

Surfer SEO widely utilizes AI-based elements that contribute to the efficiency of its content optimization engines. Thanks to that, the ability to detect gaps and issues that humans can easily oversee becomes one of the biggest advantages of the solution. Moreover, Surfer enables extensions that boost the SEO optimization process even more, such as article outline generators, Keyword Surfer (Google Chrome extensions for keyword research), or Content Editor Extension (Google Chrome extension for WordPress and Google Docs).

So what’s the role of Elixir in Surfer SEO? Well, it’s pretty obvious. As the tool acquires tons of data and processes it in real-time, the solution must be based on a stable and scalable technology.

According to what C-level managers claim themselves, Elixir turned out to be a perfect choice for the development of the platform. Thanks to this unique programming language, the project that was first launched as MVP has quickly escalated. Now Elixir is considered the driving force of Surfer’s success and the reason behind the interest in the Surfer team from many talented IT specialists. And it’s definitely not just speaking in vain; when checking up recruitment portals, we can observe that the company is actively hiring senior Elixir developers.

In order to find more information on Surfer SEO, its success and services, feel free to check out their official website.


The third Elixir SEO tool is Moz - a globally appreciated tool dedicated to marketers and website owners. As a complex SEO tool, it provides users with access to valuable marketing data - keywords performance, search engine results, site optimization tips and more. It helps companies to improve mobile search and to build a competitive advantage consciously and efficiently.

Why did the company decide to choose Elixir? Their main struggle was related to scalability. One of their bottlenecks was inefficient MySQL database storage that required a lot of effort and generated maintenance difficulties. They complained also about storage constraints, long recovery times and expensive hardware requirements.

For the reasons mentioned above, the Moz team finally decided to abandon MySQL and switch to the Elixir data indexing model. Now, they appreciate their new programming language for multiple reasons such as:

  • efficient data storage
  • simple deployment
  • satisfying build speed
  • scalability
  • concurrency
  • reliability
  • providing solutions for parallel computing
  • handling distributed systems
  • great performance
  • flexibility in code management
  • friendly, supportive and engaged community.

Moreover, Elixir technology allows them to manage the entire solution quite economically, with only five developers on board. To get more information and technical details about Moz’s transformation, we recommend checking it out directly at Moz's official website.


With its scalability, concurrency and reliability, Elixir happens to be a perfect choice for data-driven projects in a number of industries. If you wish to start to benefit from exploring this technology and to repeat the success of many Elixir companies, you will undoubtedly need an experienced partner. In case you’re still seeking one, you’re in the right place. As a team of experienced Elixir developers, we will be able to support your project and help you develop a functional tool. Contact us today and get ready to celebrate the deployment of your solution very soon!