Appunite Wins Clutch 2022 Award for Top 100 Sustained Growth Leader

Here at Appunite, we genuinely believe that success isn’t only measured by projects completed but also through the impact you leave behind on your clients. Our team is known for its dedication to guiding startups and businesses using top-notch modern technology. We are an award-winning team that serves as a trusted partner that’s ready to go the extra mile for your needs.

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With that being said, it’s a huge pleasure for us to announce to all of you our team’s newest milestone. During the annual Clutch Leaders Awards, Appunite was named as one of the top 100 leaders for sustained growth this 2022!

It was always important for Appunite to put users first in the products we work with. Being chosen as a 100 top sustained growth and development company proves that the direction and approach we are going for gives astonishing results. I’m happy that we are able to help our clients to build products that challenge the status quo and deliver great value to their users. Karol Wojtaszek, CEO

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To give this award more context, Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform from Washington DC that celebrates the best of the best B2B companies. Each year, the site spotlights the extraordinary leaders that demonstrated unmatched excellence and commitment. The top 100 sustained growth award is given to the leading companies with incredible absolute revenues from 2018 to 2021. During last years we developed many new solutions and processes and extended the size of the company. We have started a leadership program, created new products with renowned clients and extended our technical stack with Flutter.

Our effort was recognized by our clients, what you can see in our reviews:

Their devotion, enthusiasm, and variety of skills ensured the project’s success. CTO, Halftone

The team is responsive and proactive, and their collaborative approach makes them an ideal partner for future projects. CEO, Bamboo

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Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that this award was unlocked thanks to the trust of our clients. Without their projects, we wouldn’t be celebrating this moment right now. We attribute our success and growth to their wonderful support.

Thank you so much to everyone who believed in Appunite!

We look forward to continuing to grow with you this 2022 and beyond. Appunite is the development team you’ve been looking for! Let’s help you conquer the digital world. Send us a message and we’ll gladly walk you through our services.