Appunite Proud to be Named a Top Partner for Sustained Growth by Clutch for 2020!

Here at Appunite, we understand that 2020 has been a difficult year all around. That’s why it was especially important to be a partner in delivering and growing digital products. We took the technical side's workload from our clients' shoulders, so they could focus on what they love most – keeping their businesses going.

We are a product-oriented company, not an agency. We build a team within our structures responsible for one clients' product with an aim for long-term cooperation. We hold tech expertise followed by a reliable Product Development Process and Tools with human-to-human interaction focused on Partnership between the client and our team by integrating both into one crew aiming the same goal.

As a wonderful way to close out the year, we’ve earned a 2020 Clutch leader award for our sustained revenue growth! Clutch is a B2B research firm that provides market insights through objective analysis. Their global leader awards come around once a year to highlight the crème of the crop on their platform. This year, Appunite was listed in both Sustained Growth and Fastest Growth rankings, reaching places in TOP 25 and TOP 70 companies for each list.

“Lately, we had the pleasure to be chosen as a leading development company in Poland. Now, we are being listed as one of the best companies globally. That is a huge distinction for us. These rewards show that despite challenging market conditions, we maintained clients' trust and welcomed new partners to the Appunite team.” – Appunite Leadership Team

Our clients had a huge role in helping us earn this award. Take a look at some of the lovely comments they had to share below:

*“Appunite is very professional, and they’ve been pivotal to the success we’ve found. We’re continuing to work with them on this project, and we’ll work with them again on any new projects we start.”* – CEO, Bamboo

They are so fast and efficient. We also had QA testers and there were not major issues once something new was implemented. Quality work all around and they know what they are doing. – CEO, Solo

“Their Android engineer, in particular, was very enthusiastic about the project. Their whole team went above and beyond in their engagement with us. The attention was critical because of the open-ended nature of the project. I needed smart people who cared about what we were doing, and they delivered.” – CTO, Halftone Design

It’s truly an honor to be recognized for our hard work and we look forward to more wins in the new year! If you’re new to Appunite, reach out today and let’s talk about how we can transform your web development processes in 2021!