Why partnering with a software house is the right decision during a software engineer shortage?

Starting with numbers about IT engineers around the world. A report made in 2021 presents the change of developer population growth, with the US having the largest number of developers. In Europe the highest numbers are in Germany, UK and France. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts, Employment of software developers, QA analysts, and testers is projected to grow 22% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. The data from Statista, chart shown below, shows that the global developer population will reach around 28.7 million people by 2024, 3.2 million more than in 2020.

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Is it only a small company problem?

We need to remember that there are limited industries that are excluded from the need of IT workers. Since the demand for developers is bigger than the talent pool, hiring is highly competitive. In this fast-changing environment, companies feel the pressure to develop their products faster, while at the same time having troubles finding the human resources to do it. The strong rivalry for talents isn’t a good situation, this includes larger companies. The reason is that It causes a high employee rotation index and delay in the delivery of projects.

Why should you choose devshop as your CTO?

When it comes to choosing between hiring your own tech team and outsourcing, what you will find to be the right solution is partnership with a company that can become your CTO. This kind of partnership is the sweet spot between the standard two ways of creating a successful product. When working with a software house, you will gain needed technical support, as well as receive not only a technical partner but also a business partner that will take ownership of your project and lead you through the entire product development process. With the right moves you could also profit from their know-how, which they obtain from similar projects. At Appunite, we’re capable of building a product team within 4 weeks. This provides you with an ease of mind and faster start to launching your product.

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Why choose to work with a software house?

Transfer of skills in teams

There are situations where developers don't know the solution to a problem that appears during coding. The bigger the circle they have around them, the easier and faster finding the solution to the problem will be. This is a great financial benefit to the client as it allows for faster work and saves time during realization of the project.

Avoiding long recruitment processes

Hiring an experienced IT engineer is taking the long route. It usually takes around a month, which is an optimistic outlook. It’s important to remember that's just the time it takes for the hiring process. Having to create a job offer, collecting CVs and finally finding some fitting candidates can make this time twice as long. As you can see, delegating this process to a partner could save you a lot of time which can be put into making your project go live, earlier than anticipated.

Transfer of responsibility

It’s not hard to create a team where processes go on smoothly. If you have a project that needs to be done and you make it with your own team you are the one who is responsible for the outcome. If something goes wrong, for example, someone leaves your team or is unproductive, it’s on your shoulders. When you partner with a software house it’s their responsibility to answer to the challenges and changes during the development process, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Verified knowledge

There are situations whereby, despite going through a successful recruitment process and meeting the desired requirements, the person that gets employed does not meet the set expectations. By employing an experienced team, from a software house, you can be sure that the employees are verified. At Appunite, we have experts who have worked on many projects, gaining a lot of market knowledge and experience, which comes in as added value to your workforce.

Flexibility of scaling

Even if the perfectly sized team has been formed for the start of your project, you’ll need to keep in mind that this number will change with the fluctuation of demands. If your project kicks off, there will be a need to react fast to the number of people working on it. It’s not only about having more developers on board, you may need some new roles like project managers, QA or designers. If something goes wrong and you need to have your team temporarily smaller. It’s easier from the perspective of outsourcing, as you will not need to worry about hiring and letting go of different numbers of people as a result of dynamic changes.


The current market situation in which we find ourselves affects all of us. Companies creating products have a huge problem fulfilling their teams needs and software houses are experiencing high rotation and need to adjust to the rapidly changing business environment. Partnering with a product development company will help you not only with their experience, but also optimizing your processes. Having access to the expertise of a software house and being flexible with your team is crucial in today's current market.

As the Chinese proverb goes - a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - contact us and see how we are able to help you in developing your project.