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Workation - coming back bigger and better than before

Technological advances have made remote work possible and many companies, as a result, have given their employees a choice between hybrid or remote work systems.

Remote work, which until recently was a benefit, is growing in popularity and it makes it possible for many people to adjust the system and work in the comfort of their own expectations, which is associated with greater pleasure in performing duties.

As confirmed by the Texas A&M University School of Public Health research, remote work has a positive effect on the mental and physical health of employees, which clearly translates into employee productivity.

Having already systematized the remote work system, we wanted to go a step further and make work not only about the performance of duties. Many of us enjoy our work because we do what we like. But how do we build in this pleasure and experiences around us to create an environment that encourages growth?

Work and rest have always been separated by a thick line. Nowadays, this line, due to the possibility of remote work, has started to blur. At Appunite, we have decided to obliterate it completely by initiating an idea of Workation.

Unfortunately, if you dream of traveling with the prospect of going abroad for a few weeks or months, in most companies, it is associated with the need for a long absence. There are several options, for example, you can take a vacation, buy flights and go somewhere for a week or two. Sounds good, but wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere for more than that? What if I tell you that you can go to an exotic place for 4 weeks or more and work there, and even take your partner only for the cost of plane tickets?

Here we are! ​​This is how Appunite does it.

What is Workation?

Workation is an idea that connects two words: work + vacation, which provides an opportunity to work in a fantastic, holiday location. Imagine yourself in the mountains or on a quiet, sunny beach with your laptop, sipping delicious local tea or a cold Coca-Cola. After work, you go swimming in the sea or jog among the trees. Who wouldn't want that?

There were many more factors because of which we wanted to start with the Workation idea. One of the main reasons was the desire to build interpersonal relationships among colleagues. We believe that working together and getting to know each other on a personal level makes us better at what we do. This is a great chance to live elsewhere, in a different culture, which gives us an opportunity to develop our minds, skills and ideas.

This idea seemed impossible, but 5 months after its creation, we set off for the first Workation with Appunite. From the very beginning, the initiative has met with positive vibes, kicking off in 2018. We opened a temporary office in Chiang Mai, Thailand and gave all Appuniters a chance to work remotely from the location.

Why Thailand? There were a few reasons. Firstly, of course, we wanted to choose an exotic country, so that we could enjoy everything surrounding us. The second, but equally important factor was internet access. Remote work means that you must have an internet connection with the right speed. Thailand, as it turns out, is one of the world pioneers in this matter. The following year, we chose Portugal. In the suburbs of Lisbon, we had rented an enormous house with 5 bedrooms and swimming pool, a 15 minute walk to the ocean.

The trick was how to make sure that financing travels would not be a blocker. Appunite stepped in with support, creating a monthly budget which was to the disposal of the group traveling there. Thanks to this, the participants had a guaranteed peace of mind. Then Covid started, bringing many logistical and safety blockers. Putting safety of our Appuniters first, we put this on hold, despite many attempts to adapt the plan of Workation, we decided it would be safer to stay at home.

Finally, our idea was brought back to life, coming back bigger and better than before. Contrary to previous years, we have chosen not only one but several places in which we want to spend our Workation. The rest of the rules remained the same:

  • the group decide together where they want to go
  • you can go there for a month
  • you can take you partner or kids with you
  • after work, enjoy the place and take up many activities
  • Appunite covers accommodation expenses and the whole or part of your ticket price

There is one more fantastic change. This year, we have created several groups that will visit different countries. The best part is you can go to any of them. This means that you can have not one but several Workation and you pay only for a transfer.

This year Appuniters chose Montenegro, Tenerife, Istanbul, Zakopane (in Poland), Austria and Mexico. It seems impossible, but that's how we do it in Appunite.

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