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The Client

Al-Jazeera Paints is a leading manufacturer of paint in the MENA region. The company decided to redo its website to be a fully interactive online store. Users can browse through the available products, quickly search with various filters, get info about specifications and display paints on predefined scenes withVisualizer. As the last - e-commerce part of the application would let customers easily order, pay and pick up previously selected products.

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Challenges & Solutions

Getting to know the client's departments to develop solid logic connecting information and results, providing value to the user.

To simplify the process of communication, one person was appointed to be responsible for communication between us and specialized departments of the client's company. By participating in the knowledge transfer process during online meetings we understood how departments are connected and how the company works as a whole. This information could then be translated to solid logic behind technological solution.

Amount of data that needed to be collected, structured and exported properly

In cooperation with the client, we had to establish the proper format of data that would fit both sides. After that, we proceeded to trial where every batch of data needed to be imported and reviewed. As the amount of data was growing with every iteration, we had to stay flexible and adapt technology swiftly to fit requirements. For example, quick filtering of products by various attributes required using the proper structure of a database.

Restructuring of client's company which impacted both application logic being developed during that time and process of communication.

Short iterations and frequent deployment that allow us to be sure we’re on the same page with expectations. We also needed to choose correct tools that would let the client follow our work step by step and always be up to date about what is being developed at the moment. Using staging environments that let the client test our solutions and apply corrections where needed.

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Creating a complex Visualizer that boosted user experience displaying paints' colors on realistic interior images


Begining the digital transformation of clients' business. From traditional trade to e-commerce.