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The Client

Our client's idea was to open new possibilities for users in Africa region and enable them equal access to buying American assets. The primary goal was to create mobile applications both for Android and iOS users, so they could deposit their money in USD currency and, among the long list of US Stocks, pick and order transactions. Together with mobile apps, there came an admin panel - a web-based application to manage users and orders. Bamboo aims not only to grow within the original Nigerian market but also to expand further in Africa with a strong number of new features.

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Challenges & Solutions

Bamboo needs a number of external providers for varied features and for each market.

When it comes to the external providers, another struggle is their number and reliability. Bamboo needs a number of external providers for varied features and for each market. The number will potentially increase due to growth. Monitoring and error handling are vital when it comes to external providers to maintain good product quality. That is why we decided to provide non-stop open communication with selected representatives from provider companies.

Dynamically changing environment

Dynamically changing environment is the biggest challenge affecting many areas in Bamboo. Not only is being competitive not easy, but being part of the YCombinator program pushes short deadlines. We have been trying out how to become more effective, properly informed, make our work more valuable. We set rules of communication inside a dev-team and within our PO and the rest parties such as QA and Design. We scheduled time boxes to make sure we are on the same page.

Support of the newest tech solution

New features allowing to compete in a dynamic fintech world require to use external providers’ support. Unfortunately, some providers do not support the latest tech that allows communication between WebSockets and WebHooks. We solve these issues using commercial solutions or writing our own as workers based on Elixir’s GenServers that synchronize our databases with external providers’.

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Establishing a partnership within the clients' and AppUnite team wich results in better understanding and easier work-flow