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The Client

Our client aims to create a unique, one of the very first digital asset exchange that is officially registered as MTF (Multilateral trading facility) in the EU. The system is based on a blockchain and, besides the core engine, consists of a web app and native mobile apps for Android and iOS. The latter part (native mobile apps) was our goal and responsibility. We were asked to support the existing backend and web teams with native development expertise.

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Challenges & Solutions

Parts of business logic were kept outside of the backend and done on the frontend.

By giving examples and use cases of how differently backend interfaces can be built to minimize the negative impact on mobile app UX or performance, we could introduce several mobile-friendly changes. These changes saved our client performing dozens of hundreds of unnecessary duplicated work for handling some logic on Android and iOS. That is why we were trying to show the overall system “savings” value caused by the change of approach or architecture on backend.

Real-time dynamic asset prices

One of the benefits for users is to have up-to-date information (asset prices, wallet balances, order statuses) available on the go. This has been achieved using WebSockets. However, the frequency and size of updates on certain screens, combined with the amount of detailed data being displayed, made us craft a fully custom solution that would manage updates without a performance hit, which could lead to a lack of responsiveness and poor user experience.

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Establishing a partnership between teams. Blocktrade has a partner in AppUnite who ensures complex help over a mobile product. From the very beginning of development to current growth.