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Mobile Development

The Client

CafeX approached us with partly done software and wanted us to recreate the Android app based on what was done in the iOS app. In the end, the task occurred to be more multidisciplinary. Full cooperation covered creating mobile applications. Android app for the individual customers (CafeX) and iPad/iOS app for coffee shop owners (Xconnect). Along the way, we recreated UX flow using wireframes, designed apps UI, and developed mobile applications as final products of our cooperation.

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Challenges & Solutions

Due to the circumstances, we were unable to welcome a device in our office to check how our code changes affect a robot's work.

Our product teams consist of crafty and resourceful people. We faced the challenge head on. To ensure proper communication between code and robotic arm we organized a live review with live-coding sessions where teams on both ends of the process worked together and checked the quality of solutions.

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Nowadays, the product is in its growth phase, developing new customers in Japan.


Delivery of market-ready MVP after 3-months from the start of cooperation.