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The Client

We started our collaboration back in August 2016 when the client decided to build a secondary booking app, dedicated for a specific group of clients. The goal was to provide the travellers with a dedicated native Android and iOS app for flight and/or hotel booking. In May 2017, we also started a second venture with Flyin, this time focused on leveraging the popularity of messaging platforms. The goal of the second project was to build a module that could be integrated with another native Android and iOS app (in this case: Flyin’s main booking app) that would allow Flyin’s Premium users to benefit from being able to make hotel / flight bookings via an interactive chat conversation, backed by both automation and dedicated Agents, who have already been serving those users successfully via call centers.

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Challenges & Solutions

Not a common approach to build just a module, not the whole separated application.

Modularity has been achieved in a few different ways, dependent of the platform and a part of the system. On mobile devices, we built modules handling all the required app logic and scenarios that exposed only a minimal interface to the “host” application. That backend application is architectured in a way that can serve as an independent module of another application that communicates using a specific interface.

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We delivered our partner's idea in the form of a fully developed product, ready to go to the market.


We helped Flyin to expand services and respond to clients' needs.