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The Client

Partnership with Mirror started when the client approached us with his innovative idea of gathering and putting in use continuous feedback to help people and organizations unlock superpowers and reach their full potential. We started with a design sprint run remotely and proceeded through various phases - wireframes, design, development and pilot phase.

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Challenges & Solutions

Cultural factors changing app mechanics

Gathering users' feedback we received multiple signals that displayed information about the critical and even neutral feedback were a blocker for users that held them back from fully using the product. We had to address these demands on the fly, changing UI to provide fit to American culture and meet users' expectations and, in consequence, keep the business safe.

Rapid changes in priorities

We faced the challenge of priorities shifting fast, which impacted the work plan and delivery of sprint objectives. To prevent the team from interference and secure execution of already planned work, we sat with our partner's team and solved these process issues by creating a roadmap document with priorities. We also took a step back and asked more questions about the product perspectives and goals to achieve.

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Swift work and communication enabled us to perform our work in just 4 months - from the design sprint to the go-to-market point.


Establishing a trustful partnership among the client and AppUnite teams, giving Mirror a committed and engaged technological partner.