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Brand new mobile ordering platform for new sports fans experience

Mobile Development

The Client

Solo Vendor wanted to revolutionize the way customers order beverages and snacks at the mass events. The crucial factor that was all around the project was time. Our partner needed fast and professional help in delivering the product to the market.

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Solomon Knight


"AppUnite delivered on a project for us that most other dev shops said couldn’t be done. They went above and beyond and delivered high quality work. We landed our first investment with the MVP they built. Great partner!"

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Challenges & Solutions

Time played a crucial part. We had to bootstrap project and develop MVP within five weeks.

An experienced, self-organizing team was our answer to the task. This way, we ensured there were no bottlenecks in the process. The team and client worked as one. Perfectly set organizational responsibilities (e.g., communication, review, feedback process), well-defined tasks and good understanding between the AppUnite team and Solo resulted in 5 weeks from start to market-ready MVP.

Setting up a development team that consists of experienced developers right away.

Due to internal flexibility, we were able to answer the needs of a client. Normally we give ourselves up to 4 weeks to set the custom team. This time we made rearrangements and prepared a team that had excellent domain knowledge and quickly understood the business idea and model of Solo in no time. Such pairing improved and sped up the work.

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Lightning-fast delivery of MVP with meeting the timings. That enabled the client to launch the platform and start operating.


The product's usability turned out to be a success, not only in its users' eyes. Thanks to our partnership, Solo found other investors whose contribution will help to develop the product further