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Web app for freelance teachers to manage their business


The Client

The client approached us with an idea, designs and domain experience. What they needed were development experts to take care of the product. We were asked to build Ubindi from scratch and make it go live as a web platform with a highly responsive webpage that could be easily displayed on mobile devices.

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Challenges & Solutions

At first, We had to deal with a broad scope of work that stood in opposition to an MVP approach.

Our initial task was to consult the client why the subject of shortening the list of things to deliver. For this purpose, we set up workshops explaining the idea and giving our partner a better understanding of that matter. As a result, the work scope was cut to reach the exact amount for Minimum Viable Product and making it possible to develop it in 3-months.

Due to the budget limitations we had to stay flexible in terms of choosing external providers’ solutions.

We had to widen our research and find providers that will give us both functional coverage and low cost for usage. Our internal product team stood upon the task and instead of focusing on expensive solutions, we've put the client's feedback first and placed our bet on lesser-known but experienced and tested providers. This way, we maintained the client's satisfaction and made a fully operating product with an impactful user experience and savings on budget.

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We managed to reduce the technology debt connected to complexity to an absolute minimum.


Due to both sides' close partnership and effort, we developed a market-ready MVP in 3 months.


A partnership established at the beginning made us work continuously for over a year. We started from MVP. Now we are maintaining and growing the product.