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The Client

Wire is a cutting-edge encrypted communication and collaboration app developed by Wire Swiss. Available across multiple platforms, Wire offers a suite of features including messaging, voice and video calls, file-sharing, and more, all under the umbrella of end-to-end encryption. Catering to both personal and professional users, Wire's commitment to security is evident in its trust by entities as significant as the German government.

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Challenges & Solutions

Rewriting the Application with Modern Technologies

Wire sought to transition from an older application to a new one, leveraging the latest technologies. Our team took the lead in the Android Reloaded application, focusing on the visual aspect of the code. We evaluated the capabilities of Jetpack Compose, understanding its pros and cons, and subsequently integrated it into the project. This modern tool for Android development replaced the outdated Scala, ensuring the app's maintainability for years to come. Our approach in transitioning Wire's application to modern technologies was highly appreciated for its professionalism and flexibility, as noted in the client's feedback.

Implementing the Messaging Layer Security Protocol

We bolstered the Wire team with skilled professionals, focusing on building trust and collaboration. Over 1.5 years, our team grew from 3 to 9 members, taking on more significant responsibilities. We actively participated in the implementation of the MLS protocol. When challenges arose, we collaborated closely with Wire developers, ensuring a seamless integration of this new standard. Our involvement was not just about integration; we also helped in creating technical documentation regarding the implementation of the protocol on the application side, defining the protocol's workings, and guiding potential customers on its implementation. Our collaboration with Wire extended beyond the MLS protocol, assisting in feature development and critical bug fixes for the iOS and web applications, ensuring a comprehensive enhancement of all platforms.

Meeting Government Standards

Serving the government meant adhering to strict standards, accessibility, and tight timeframes was a big challenge. We ensured that every aspect of the application met the stringent requirements set by government entities, ensuring compliance without compromising on functionality. Most importantly, we regularly deliver value following further security requirements.

Synergizing UI Development and Domain Knowledge

While our team excelled in UI development, Wire's team had deep domain knowledge. The challenge was to merge these strengths effectively. Our expertise in UI complemented Wire's domain knowledge, leading to a more holistic product development. We took charge of major refactors, improving both the app's performance and the project's manageability. The client specifically praised the great fit of our team members and the close feedback loops that enhanced the project's success.

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The Android app, revamped with new technology, was successfully launched.


Relaunch of both the web and iOS applications with greatly improved accessibility and new features.


We’re actively working on implementing and documenting the MLS protocol that is becoming a new standard in secure messaging.