We solve business problems with tech

Achieve business goals by adding a Product Development Team to your organization like a missing puzzle piece.

Are you a founder struggling with your technical team? Do you need tech team that prioritises supporting your business goals? We understand your struggle and are here to be your supportive partner, not just another tech-fanatic team obsessed with code, regardless of the service you seek: Web Development, Mobile Development, UX/UI Design or Ideation Support. At AppUnite, we go beyond being mere intermediaries. Instead, we become your direct representatives, shouldering your responsibilities and making tech-related decisions on your behalf. No more relying on proxies or feeling disconnected from the technical aspects of your business.

How do we work?

Instead of creating useless code, we love solving business problems smartly and generating a tangible impact. Find out what working with us looks like:


Business insight

We understand the Product we build, but that is not enough. We go a level deeper, we need to understand business behind it, so we can make better choices and be more accurate in our actions.



We care to know and truly understand your business goal. On this basis, we'll define a plan of action, select the right team for your needs, propose solutions, and implement them.


Versatile team

We provide a competent team that takes ownership of problems. With vast expertise, we can create a competent team in many areas: design, development, QA, and business analytics - anything your business needs.

This can be your team

Technology is merely a tool; the people who use it truly matter. We build our teams around individuals who recognize this fact.
Damian Kolasiński
iOS Expert @ Appunite
To quickly deliver business outcomes, teams need to set up a working environment (in terms of tooling, processes and culture) that embraces short iterations and fast release cycles. This fosters cooperation with stakeholders, allowing us to learn faster, adjust and achieve better results.
Szymon Mrozek
Team Leader @ Appunite
Successful teams are built on top of great leadership. At AppUnite, I try to inspire leaders to find their own way of leadership that builds teams deeply passionate about the things they are building. Our success is measured by the success of the Product we work on.
Kamil Żmijewski
Product Owner @ Appunite
Continuous conversations with users allow us to better understand their needs, respond to them, optimize the product, pivot if necessary, or think of something else. Not all of our ideas will find recipients, and it's better to know this before investing money into them.

We directly impact business



Finley approached with the desire to build a FinTech startup that solves problems surrounding complex payments in businesses. They had a go-to-market strategy; the problem was defined, leaving them with the need for a partner who could take responsibility from the technical side—the perfect mission for our team. We were there for Finley, standing in front of the technical departments of financial institutions. We didn't just understand the overall vision; we deeply grasped business goals. By acting as an integral part of Finley team, we took ownership of the process, giving our partner the freedom to focus on shaping company's future.


Our clients often reflect on the countless missed opportunities that could have been seized, just like Fishbrain, which experienced too many limitations with its e-commerce. In some areas, things were already defined. We had to balance discovering the context, finding new solutions and not redoing what Fishbrain’s team had already done. We immediately discovered that we work in a similar manner, probably because we share similar values in our organizations. The result was a successful launch of the new shop with 13mln users onboard and unlocking new growth opportunities.