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Who are we?

We are the guardians of quality. Our mission is related to software quality assurance but in an engineering way, using technical expertise. By performing certain analyses and processes in advance, we can save time and money while making a product more stable and user-friendly for a user. In line with Appunite's values, a customer employs a team/person, but benefits from the expertise of the entire Appunite.

Let’s get to know us better

How we work?

The Quality Assurance team can accompany innovators and the team from the start of implementation and even before. This allows us to define the riskiest areas and to analyse the product in terms of User Interface and User Experience considering Minimum Valuable Product so that we can achieve business goals set on time, but also maintain a high quality of the product.

Share your ideas with us and we will be happy to support you from the beginning on the way of the process of creating a profitable product, until you achieve success.

Who do we work with

We have experience working with clients from all over the world, like Asia, Africa, the United States and Europe. We build innovative teams that accompany and support customers from the first moments of product implementation to every next step.

Our goal is to create products of excellent quality that will satisfy its users. We aim at becoming their partners #1 in business and creating long-term relations, to maintain product after successful production release.

What do we do together

We focus on an integrated team → by contacting each other on a common channel, periodic team-building outings and Weekly QA meetings where we discuss various topics, our experiences and support with problem solving

Joint trainings and workshops → thanks to the training budget, we can take a part for example in a course about automated testing, pass a certificates, or go to conferences together

QA channel on Slack → we keep in touch by sharing valuable articles, events, and news or even asking for advice

Supporting your path → Each path can be individual. Do you want to specialise in automated testing, security, UI, or maybe get involved in company development? We give you full support to check this and grow in the direction you desire

What values can we bring?

We’re not fixing the issues, we’re preventing them

As a Quality Assurance Specialist, we’re not only testing an app, but we’re also involved in the app creation process from the first stages, so we’re able to look for some design inconsistencies or gaps before development, to prevent things that potentially could be a bug in the future.

Lower costs for our clients

According to the publication Quantifying Software (2018 CRC Press) by Capers Jones, the most common errors originate in:

faulty code (27%),

errors in architecture and design (25%),

requirements (16.5%),

incorrect fixing of reported bugs (15%),

documentation (10.5%)

Maintain the quality of the released product

One of the most important things is to control and maintain the quality of the product that has already been introduced to the market. Preventing errors, proper analysis and teamwork are of great importance here. Sometimes even a small problem turns out to be able to cause the application to stop working so that users may be dissatisfied and sales may be halted. That is why it is important to remember to put in place the appropriate procedures in advance and perform tests on production after the release of each major new version of the product.

Introduce automation of the quality control process

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to create and implement automated testing. These are tests implemented by a QA specialist to simulate the user path in production. While writing such tests, we can easily reproduce daily tests that check any areas of an application. This provides much greater quality control especially in harder accessibility places, stability and product safety, at the same time reducing costs over time.

Be a partner from early beginning

We’re trying not only to focus on correct functioning and appearance of an app, but also use our experience to have an impact on the final success of an appllication.

The current competition is not quieting down, in fact, it continues to grow. That's why it's important to have not only a tester, who will accept the tasks, but a real QA who understands the business value and is able to empathize with the end user and their perspective.

By combining these two things, we are well on our way to creating something great.

The sooner you find a problem, the cheaper it is to fix it

One of the main principles in software testing tells that if you find and fix a bug at an early development stage, it will cost the company much less than finding and fixing the same bug in production where the implemented code is already much more extensive combining often interconnected functionalities. Also, many of the analyses conducted perfectly show how the cost of fixing a bug increases over time.

So, when will you join us?

Two women with MacBooks on beach chairs We believe we create a great growth environment and that we have our radar calibrated pretty well for challenges that we’re facing. We need great people on board. Become one of them! Apply now!